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Essays on globalization and culture

essays on globalization and culture

policies and regulations at both the international and local levels, the national governments have played a very vital role in allowing greater interdependence and economic integration of specific activities (Bertucci Alberti 2001). It has been said that more than.1 billion is being spent annually in the African continent to employ 150,000 expatriates to replace the intellectual vacuum being created by the ongoing brain drain (Globalization and its impact 2004). It has created transnational corporations producing and marketing records, specially import and export of musical products and the penetration of national markets by foreign artists and music. The glocalization projects are: Relativization: here, social actors seek to preserve their prior cultural institutions, practices and meanings within a new environment, thereby reflecting a commitment to differentiation from the host culture. Secretary-General, in Havana on Eve of First Group Of 77 Summit Meeting, Evokes Promises and Pitfalls of Globalization, UN press release, viewed,.

These actors have a huge role to play in the process of interconnecting the world. Sociologist Ronald Robertson who is instrumental in popularizing the term shows that there have been attempts to propose a global sociology with ventures to incorporate indigenous sociologies into this wider imperative. The proof is quite clear when we see people constantly moving from one place to another and the extraordinary development of mass communication with images transited throughout the planet. The term has its roots in the Japanese term dochakuka which first appeared in the late 1980s in articles by Japanese economists in the Harvard Business Review. They put forth Appadurais analysis who analyzes the global cultural economy by using the landscape metaphor to illustrate such flows within five scapes: ethnoscapes (the flow of people technoscapes (the flow of technology finanscapes (the flow of finance and capital mediascapes (the flow of mediated. Globalization does affect cultural identity. Yve Thiran states that from this point of view, internet is a means of communication par excellence and it is not surprising that the excluded traditional media were the first to use.7.

While the direction of cultural globalization can go in any direction, many have suggested that countries like the United States have had a much greater influence on globalizing culture.
There is a great deal of evidence to support this belief in American cultural globalization.
The concept of cultural globalization is closely linked with economic globalization.

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